What is The Russian Crank?

There is a lot going on in the world of professional cycling every day.

Some of it is interesting. Most — meh.

I pick intriguing pieces, comment and publish my findings for you to savor the stories.

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If the mainstream cycling news feed numbs your brain (it does mine) but you still want to stay informed, The Russian Crank will give you that breath of fresh air to take in when you read the stories I have curated for you.

Why The Russian Crank?

Because I am an old, cranky Russian cyclist who believes cranks win bike races.


I have some.

Although, I have never won the Tour de France (or even raced one), I raced professionally behind the Iron Curtain and even managed to win 1984 junior world championship in a team time trial.

I’m writing a memoir about the shenanigans of that time — The Renegade — available online for you to read.

And if you have a minute (49 to be exact), listen to my interview with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio.